Ase has been teaching for several years and has traveled all over the United States to teach the spinning and flow arts. He is for hire for teaching for both public and private events.

“Your class last year is a staple memory of why I spin.” – Jim Uremovich

This is just a few of Ase’s classes:

Intro to Spinning – A perfect class for those who don’t know where they want to go with spinning. Student’s will learn basic spinning concepts as well as logistics that can be applied to all the spinning arts.

Intro to Fire – Learn the ways of the flame. Everything from safety to lighting up to putting out.

Go With Your Flow – A class discussion based on the flow arts. Share, learn, grow.

Mixed Media (Multi-Prop Combination) – A class where one gets to play and mix all sorts of props one would of probably never thought to!

Orbital Life! -  Learn advanced techniques with the might awesome ORBITAL!

Badass Ways to Light Up, Spin Off, and Put Out -  Learn some pretty sick ways to manip the flame.

Whip Tech- Crack the sound barrier of traditional whip cracking and bring it into the spinning universe.

Customized Class
Ase can also create a class based around your event’s theme or design. Classes are suited for all ages and levels.

Some Teaching Highlights:

Kinetic Fire Festival

Flow Camp Festival


Burning Man

Mondo Juggling Festival

Camp Fire Festival